Surprising Ways People Will Be There For You

At Cheyenne Radiology, we’ve seen firsthand how illness can leave our patients feeling isolated.

But we’ve also seen the incredible—and sometimes surprising—ways patients’ friends and loved ones come together to provide a network of unconditional support. Each person in your people network demonstrates compassionate care in his or her own way. Here are some of the common roles we’ve seen loved ones play:

The Tireless Motivator:

This is the person who won’t let you feel down for too long. He’ll create the perfect playlist that will help you find the confidence inside yourself to keep moving forward every day—even if you call at 2 a.m.

The Sympathetic Ear:

This is the person who is always ready to listen. When you need to get something off your chest, she’ll be there in a heartbeat with a Kleenex or a hot cup of tea—whichever you need.

The Appointment Wingman:

This is the person who comes with you to every appointment, writes down everything the doctor says, and asks all the right questions to help you feel educated and in control. She’s part supporter, part advocate.

The Spiritual Rock:

This is the person who is there when you worry about the big life questions. He has the tendency to put everything into perspective and help you feel inspired and comforted.

We’ve also talked to patients who are worried about how they can return the unconditional support that their friends and family members have given them.

At Cheyenne Radiology, we believe that the best way to thank your loved ones for their support is to commit to healthy living. When you take care of yourself by living an active, healthy lifestyle, you’re ensuring you’ll be part of their support network when they need you the most.

This October, Cheyenne Radiology invites you to commit to being healthy for your loved ones with more than mammography.