Professional Services


Expert Radiological Care

Many small hospitals, clinics and practices look to trusted partners so that they can offer a full range of on-site imaging services. Cheyenne Radiology works in tandem with these healthcare facilities, operating as a professional and highly respected resource for a variety of professional services, including remote read services.

Fast and Accurate 24/7 Service

Cheyenne Radiology’s remote read services can connect hospitals and practices to our network of on-call radiologists, who are available to provide fast and accurate image interpretations at all hours. Our imaging specialists use a Web-based picture archiving and communications system (PACS) to transfer and store diagnostic-quality digital images and patient records. PACS is highly intuitive and easy to use, and it takes just seconds to send images to the system, which enhances productivity and the timeliness of image interpretations.

Physician-to-physician Connection

While Cheyenne Radiology is large enough to offer around-the-clock expert coverage, it’s small enough to provide responsive and collaborative physician-to-physician interaction. Unlike most remote read services, our clients can talk to the radiologist who interprets the test. Radiologists also help improve efficiency by suggesting the most appropriate imaging tests for accurate diagnosis. Taken together, these services help our customers maintain confidence and accuracy while focusing on the needs of their patients.

Advantages of Using our Professional Services

By investing our experience into your organization and community, we can provide:

  • Better insight into radiologic diagnoses and procedures through ongoing conversations with our board-certified radiologists
  • Dedicated staff to remote customers and their needs
  • Faster record transmission, storage and retrieval with access to our PACS electronic records system and around-the-clock technical support
  • Expert advice to develop guidelines and programs that help your patients and staff make the most of your radiologic technology
  • Responsive support whenever you need a radiologic interpretation—whether it’s in the night, on the weekend, during a vacation, for a preliminary interpretation, in an emergency or just during the average weekday.
  • Around-the-clock access to PACS electronic record storage via Intelrad Pacs
  • Technical support

Fair and Flexible Pricing

In addition to experienced, highly qualified and personable radiologists, Cheyenne Radiology offers PACS pricing structures that are fair and flexible. Rates are dependent on the volume of studies.

For more information on Cheyenne Radiology’s PACS services, please call David Haid, Administrator/CEO at 307- 634-7711.