Patient choice is more important than ever

Research shows that patients who feel like they’re in the driver’s seat in their healthcare are more likely to be proactive about their health, resulting in improved mental and physical health and a higher level of satisfaction with their healthcare experience.

A big part of being proactive and in control of your health destiny is choosing the right healthcare providers. For people of all ages, diagnostic imaging and screening can play a critical role in your healthcare, so it’s important that you choose the right provider for your individual needs.

But “quality” is a vague word—what exactly does it mean? You know quality involves an experienced, qualified staff, good technology, and ethical medical care—but how do you evaluate those when you’re not an expert?

You have more choices than you think, so make sure you do your research and explore all your possibilities before selecting one.

Here are some strong indicators of quality you should look for when choosing an imaging center:

Accreditation as a Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence

This means the center’s quality of care has been evaluated by a third-party, based on its staff, technology and patient experience. A DICOE designation indicates the highest level of excellence. And don’t you want the best?

A Compassionate Care Policy

Studies have repeatedly shown that taking the time to care for emotional health can help your physical health significantly.

Medical providers that promote compassionate care provide patient-centered care. Compassionate care is an approach to healthcare that involves empathy, sensitivity, kindness and warmth. That means they value your emotional health as much as your physical health.

Pledges to Image Wisely and Image Gently

Image Wisely and Image Gently are professional pledges that radiologists make to ensure they only recommend necessary tests and limit the amount of radiation and risk to young or otherwise vulnerable patients.

These pledges are strong indicators that you can trust that your imaging center puts their patients’ health and interests first.

But the most important part is to ask questions.

Once you’ve ensured an imaging center has those three indicators of high quality (like Cheyenne Radiology), the next step is the most critical: call and ask questions. You know what’s most important to you, and you should feel comfortable making sure your medical provider can meet your individual needs.

The staff at Cheyenne Radiology is ready to answer all your questions, with equal parts expertise and warmth. Call us today and tell us what’s important to you. We’ll tell you how we can exceed your health care expectations. Choose Cheyenne Radiology and request a referral from your physician today.