What Kind of MRI Patient Are You?

What Kind of MRI Patient Are You? (And How That’s Changing)

These days, MRI technology is evolving at an incredible pace and patients are reaping the benefits. For this article, we’ll identify three kinds of patients we see everyday and reveal how the new MAGNETOM Skyra 3T Open Bore MRI is transforming their experiences.


Cheyenne Radiology MRI being installed.

The first-time-jitters patient

Who you are: You’re a first-timer. You’ve talked to your physician about what to expect, but you just can’t shake those nerves. You’ve heard stories from friends who had to be sedated for their exams—and that’s making you even more stressed!

What’s changing: Relax. This new MRI technology is faster, easier and more comfortable. It has a little extra room and an ultra-short design that means more head-out exams. When you’re more relaxed, you’re less likely to have anxiety-related movements—and that means sharper images. So go ahead and leave the jitters at home.

The get-me-outta-here patient

Who you are: You’re claustrophobic. The thought of an MRI procedure is making you feel sick to your stomach. You need a little extra elbowroom and breathing room to be calm and collected.

What’s changing: Take a deep breath. The MAGNETOM Skyra 3T Open Bore MRI has a bore 4 inches wider and almost a foot shorter than traditional MRIs. That means you’ll have more head-out exams and more room to breathe. The extra space helps soothe fear and anxiety and may even reduce the need for sedation.

And the scan will also be faster, making preparations and procedures more efficient than ever. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly the procedure is over.

The been-there-done-that patient

Who you are: You’ve had a couple MRIs, making you the savvy MRI patient. You can keep perfectly still for hours. “Magnetic resonance angiography” just rolls off your tongue in casual conversation.

What’s changing: Rejoice. MAGNETOM Skyra 3T Open Bore MRI is your top-of-the-range choice for efficient procedures. You’ll notice your appointments are shorter because there’s faster patient preparation, faster coil set-up, and faster acquisitions.

You’ll also notice it’s a much quieter experience—the new machine will allow you to experience up to 97% reduction in sound pressure. So go ahead and enjoy the Zen-like quiet of your new MRI experience.

See how Cheyenne Radiology MRIs are even better with the new generation of technology.

One of the reasons Cheyenne Radiology is a nationally-acclaimed imaging center is our commitment to providing our patients with the highest quality imaging technology at an affordable price.

The MAGNETOM Skyra 3T Open Bore MRI isn’t just a fancy toy for us, though. We’re proud because it allows us to make our procedures even more patient-centered while maintaining the highest quality of diagnostic imaging excellence, no matter what kind of patient you are.