3 Common MRI Myths

At Cheyenne Radiology, we see a lot of MRI patients—some of them are first-timers and some of them can say “Magnetic Resonance Imaging” as easily as a radiologist. No matter your experience level with MRIs, there are certain misconceptions we hear over and over that just aren’t true! We’re here to clear a few things up about these MRI myths.

Myth #1 – MRIs are only for your brain.

Nope! MRIs can also be done on various kinds of tissues in the chest, blood vessels, abdomen, bones and joints, and spine. They can be used to find and diagnose a variety of issues, including: tumors, bleeding, arthritis, blood vessel diseases, breast cancer, and optic nerve damage. MRIs are helpful because they are so detailed that they can provide more information than other less precise imaging techniques, like X-rays.

Myth #2 – MRIs are too expensive for ordinary people.

Wrong again! When medically necessary, MRI costs are reimbursable by most insurance plans. At Cheyenne Radiology, we understand that the cost of healthcare is always present in our patients’ minds, and that’s why we work to provide the latest technology at the most competitive rate possible. We believe all our patients have the right to access the imaging technology necessary for the highest level of care.

Myth #3 – MRIs are high-tech, so you have to go out of state to get one.

Not even close! Cheyenne Radiology is committed to providing health care excellence to the local Cheyenne area. You don’t have to go out of state to access safe, quality and compassionate medical care. We have the nationally-acclaimed services to prove it. And we’re just around the corner.