How do you know you can trust your imaging center?

Patients in Wyoming have more choices than ever for their medical imaging needs. According to Radiology Business Journal, there were nearly 7,000 imaging centers in the U.S in 2013, with more than 430 in the Rocky Mountain region alone. That’s a lot of choices.

If you’re not a medical expert, it can be difficult to judge the quality of an imaging center—how can you be sure the one you’re choosing is one of the best?

You can be confident in your choice by making sure your center has been designated a Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence (DICOE) by the American College of Radiology (ACR). The DICOE program was created by the ACR, a non-profit medical society with a 90-year history, in order to recognize facilities that deliver the highest levels of imaging quality, safety and care by surpassing the standard accreditation requirement.

Cheyenne Radiology is proud to be among the first 10 centers nationwide to receive this prestigious designation, because it isn’t easy to get. An imaging center applying for this program must not only meet basic criteria—including pledges to Image Wisely and Image Gently—but also undergo a rigorous site assessment by the ACR.

The assessment team includes a radiologist, medical physicist, and technologist, who evaluate the quality of a center’s personnel, facility management, physical environment, equipment, radiation safety, policies, and patient rights and records. Only the very best centers are awarded the DICOE designation—like Cheyenne Radiology.