High Performing Athletes Need Exceptional Care

Athletes have some of the hardest working bodies in the world. They’re always testing their physical and mental limits by pushing themselves to be even better.

When your body is high performing, your health care should be, too.

Our orthopedic and sports medicine imaging services can help you with nearly all injuries and conditions affecting your muscles, bones, tendons and cartilage. For orthopedics and sports medicine, the two most commonly recommended imaging modalities are ultrasound and MRIs.

With the continuous development of ultrasound and MRI equipment, the accuracy and cost-effectiveness of imaging technology is increasing quickly. But more important than quality technology is a trained staff. Particularly with real-time, dynamic ultrasounds, it’s critical that the technologist is highly trained because the final quality of the images depends on an experienced and expert hand. And then those images need an experienced and expert eye interpreting them so your diagnoses are on the mark.

That’s why at Cheyenne Radiology, our staff and equipment are first-class. Our Radiologists and Technologists have earned their reputation for being the best in the region. Last year, we introduced patients to our new 3T MRI to help them get faster, more accurate diagnoses of conditions, especially in orthopedics and sports medicine.

We’ve talked before about how MRIs played a role in professional athletes’ health, but you don’t have to be a pro to experience the benefits of cutting-edge technology.

With more detailed images than your average MRI, the 3T MRI is making a big difference right here in the Cheyenne and Northern Colorado area, because it’s already played an important role in several of our patients’ treatment and recovery plans—even regular weekend warriors.

If your hard-working body is experiencing pain or discomfort from a sports-related injury, ask your doctor for a referral to Cheyenne Radiology, because you deserve care that can rise to your level.