Cheyenne Radiology – A Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence

In 2014, Cheyenne Radiology was among the first 10 institutions nationwide to receive the prestigious designation of Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence (DICOE) by the American College of Radiology (ACR).

A DICOE accreditation is awarded to organizations that provide the highest levels of imaging quality, safety, and care, as determined by the ACR’s extensive assessment process. The assessment team includes a radiologist, medical physicist, and technologist who evaluate the quality of a center’s personnel, facility management, physical environment, equipment, radiation safety, policies, and patient rights and records. A DICOE accredited institution must also pledge to Image Wisely and Image Gently.

In 2017 we were named a Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence a second time, and Cheyenne Radiology is still the only DICOE facility within 100 miles of Cheyenne.

Radiology plays such a decisive role in health and disease management. The ability to detect changes in your health early on helps to give you and your physician critical information related to your personal wellness.

At Cheyenne Radiology, our top priority is you. Our DICOE accreditation shows our commitment to taking care of you so you can live your healthiest life.