3 Reasons Why We Promote Compassionate Care

Going to the doctor can be stressful. There are a lot of things that can leave you feeling worse than when you came in: a curt receptionist, a rushed appointment, an interrupting doctor, or even a confusing diagnosis or treatment plan.

When that happens, it’s clear that your medical provider doesn’t believe in compassionate care—an approach to healthcare that involves empathy, sensitivity, kindness and warmth.

At Cheyenne Radiology, we’ve made compassionate care a cornerstone of our mission as a diagnostic imaging center. We’ve done that for three good reasons:

#1 – You’re more than just your biology.

Even though your body is an incredibly complex and beautiful system, it doesn’t tell your whole story. Your emotions play a huge role. When you’re ill, you may feel drained, exhausted, pessimistic or worried—and those negative emotions can affect your body. Studies have repeatedly shown that taking the time to care for your emotional health can help your physical health significantly.

At Cheyenne Radiology, we show empathy and sensitivity by offering a comfortable, safe environment. We also soothe your anxieties by listening to you and educating you so you feel confident about the next step, whatever it may be.

#2 – Your health affects the people around you.

There’s a reason many of our patients bring loved ones with them to appointments—a diagnosis and treatment plans can potentially impact not just the patient’s life, but also the lives of their family and friends.

When we provide compassionate care for one person, we’re potentially affecting the lives of dozens of their friends and family members. That’s a humbling responsibility and we strive to provide the best care possible.

#3 – We’re part of our community.

We provide compassionate care because we are part of our community. We live and work in the Cheyenne area, which means our patients are also our friends and neighbors—we care about and for the people we love.

If you want to see the difference the compassionate care at Cheyenne Radiology can make in your life, ask your doctor for a referral to our clinic for your next diagnostic imaging appointment.