Six Dimensions of Wellness

You know what wellness feels like—it’s not just physical health. There are a lot of factors that can affect your quality of life beside the flu. At Cheyenne Radiology, we practice compassionate care because we know that you’re more than just your biology.

Developed in the 1970s by Dr. Bill Hettler, the Six Dimensions of Wellness model is a simple way of describing the different factors that all influence your health and wellness.




heart Emotional Wellness

  • Pursuing individual happiness
  • Being aware of and accepting your feelings
body  Physical Wellness
  • Avoiding illness
  • Paying attention to diet and exercise
spirit  Spiritual Wellness
  • Finding meaning and purpose in your life
work  Occupational Wellness
  • Finding satisfaction in work
  • Maintaining financial stability
relationships  Social Wellness
  • Positive interactions with others
brain  Intellectual Wellness
  • Keeping your mind active and stimulated


If you’ve been feeling off lately and you’re not sure why, take a minute to create a couple lists:

  • What am I doing for myself in each dimension of wellness?
  • What can I do in my daily life to improve in the neglected areas?

If one of your To Dos is stay on top of your annual screenings, talk to your doctor and ask for a referral to the Cheyenne Women’s Imaging Pavilion.